In addition to building my blog and newsletter, I help entrepreneurs to creatively, attractively, and clearly communicate their message online. Just review my consulting modules below, and if you're interested in working together or learning more, simply click the blue "I'm ready to get started" button at the bottom of the page, fill out the inquiry form, and I will be in touch to answer your questions. ~Ellie

Digital Business Storytelling & Social Media Content Creation Consulting

Do you want to make a greater impact with the time and effort you put into your business's social media posts? Do you want stand out by communicating a clear, compelling, and more in-depth message about your business? Are you challenged with trying to figure out what to post every day? I'd love to help!

I offer a range of consulting services, focused on digital brand storytelling and social media content creation that will help you create a clear, attractive, and engaging message that connects with existing and potential customers.

I look forward to helping you take your social media efforts and business to the next level! 

Digital Business Storytelling Consulting | Modules 1-3

Whether you are building a business, a personal brand, or want to launch a new idea online, it's essential to craft a brand story that makes an entrypoint into your existing and potential customers' lives so they feel compelled to listen and engage.

Given the ongoing challenge for business owners to keep up with the latest best practices in social media, you might be telling the wrong story or maybe you're not telling a story at all.

This is a missed opportunity, and there's no telling how this could be impacting your business.

Modules 1-3 are a bundle. and they will help you think about your business in a fresh way. They guide you to think deeply about your business and your customers and ask questions that you may not have considered before.

You'll walk away with a customized plan, including a concise brand story, relevant content pillars and categories, and an abundance of fresh, creative, and impactful ideas to communicate about your business on all fronts.

Module 1: Your Brand Story | The most successful brands online know their brand's story and tell it over time in micro moments. However, most businesses have not put much thought into their brand's story and are either not telling their story at all or are telling the wrong one. Through my brand storytelling consulting, together we will filter your brand's message through a multi-point framework to craft a concise brand story that customers will listen to and connect with.

Module 2: Content Pillars & Categories | Once your brand's story is distilled, together we will determine your brand's main content pillars and categories. These pillars and categories will drive your online content so it will be varied, multi-dimensional, and you'll never run out of posting ideas.

Module 3: Social Media Strategy, Ideas, and Content Clarity Grid | Now that we have clarified your brand's story and have identified your content pillars and categories, we will put together a strategy as well as brainstorm creative posting ideas. I will also create a content clarity grid to help guide and diversify your online content. This is where you'll discover fresh, creative ways to communicate about your business.

Social Media Content Creation Consulting

Instagram Consulting

Module 4: Instagram Account Setup or Audit & How to Use Hashtags | Your Instagram profile is where people go to check out who you are, what you do, and what's in it for them. The important thing is to have a clear, concise profile so you attract your best audience. You also want to clearly communicate to potential customers how they can take action and engage with your business. This module will cover the following:

  • A concise, strong profile for your Instagram account
  • Your best account profile image
  • Your best call to action (clickable link)
  • What are hashtags & how to use them in your posts
  • Strategies using hashtags

Module 5: Full Custom Instagram Account Audit | A fresh insight on what's working and not working for your account. This module will cover the following:

  • An analysis of what is and isn't working for your Instagram account
  • Written suggestions about what you can do (aesthetically and content-wise) to increase your chances of attracting your ideal follower
  • 5 post category ideas and 10 post concepts that will tell your business's story and increase engagement.
  • A list of accounts (similar but non-competing businesses) for you to follow and learn from

Simple Photo & Branded Graphics Crash Courses

Module 6: A Crash Course In Taking Better Photos, Editing & Long-Caption Posts | Learn how to take better photos for your business's social media accounts. Learn how to edit the photos using one of the best photo editing apps. Finally, learn how to easily create and post long-caption Instagram posts. Tools Needed: A Smartphone (A Desktop computer is helpful but not necessary.)

Module 7: A Crash Course In Creating Branded Graphics | Learn how to create image or text graphics that look professional and reflect your branding. I will set you up on a simple, free tool to help you do this. Learn to create graphics like Inspirational Quotes (text only or overlayed on images) for social media, Facebook cover photo, Email header image, Blog post images, and lots more. Tools Needed: A Desktop Computer

Idea-To-Action Strategy Session

Do you have an idea but you haven't taken it beyond thinking about it? If you'd like to schedule a general strategy session about how to begin taking action on your idea or stepping up your online strategy, I'm here to help. Just reach out via the button below and let me know what your needs are. I'll be in touch.