Welcome to the Real Jersey Shore blog-- a life design and business resource for creative internet entrepreneurs.

My name is Ellie Rezk, and I am a busy mom of 3 and a Jersey Shore-based blogger, and I know what it's like to have nagging dreams, goals or big ideas for projects that you want to pursue but are challenged to make them a reality, given the demands of everyday life and raising a family.

But like the well-known quote by the American author, Richard Bach goes ...

“We teach best what we most need to learn.”

And since I believe in my ideas and yours, I created this blog where I ...

  • share what's working for me when it comes to making time to pursue my goals and ideas.
  • teach what I'm learning on my journey of building an online business, and
  • inspire you to take action on your personal goals, best ideas or meaningful work.

I believe it's never too late to pursue your ideas, dreams or goals, whatever they may be.

To continue reading my story and to learn more about what I do here, check out my About page.

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