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5 Thriving Online Businesses Inspired By Personal Passions

5 Thriving Online Businesses Inspired By Personal Passions

One of the reasons I created a blog to encourage others to pursue their best ideas or personal passions is because I am so intrigued about how modern technology opens infinite doors for those who have entrepreneurial ideas while removing old, outdated barriers of entry and reducing risk!

We now live in a time where we can build an online platform to get our personal message out there, attract those who are searching for our message and get compensated for work that's authentic to who we are.

But getting your mind around the opportunities now available requires you to suspend your old beliefs about what was required in the past to have a chance at success-- things like advanced educational degrees, knowing the right person, or a large sum of money. All of these are no longer necessary to achieve great success.

Today, you can "Choose Yourself," as well-known blogger James Altucher is famous for saying, instead of waiting or hoping someone will choose (hire) you.

Success in this new paradigm of business involves consistently providing value to solve your community's problems.

No doubt about it-- a shot at online entrepreneurship is yours for the taking, but because this is all so new and unless you've been keeping up with sources that educate how many are creating their own online businesses inspired by personal passions, you may not be aware of all the creative ways people are designing multiple-income-stream businesses.