Manasquan's Findings Uses Vintage Components To Handcraft One-Of-A-Kind, Modern Jewelry

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"Findings was born in 2007 after I took a jewelry making class in New York City for fun. After taking home what I learned from this experience, I began to play around with creating my own bracelets.

This lead me to design the "Original" charm bracelet, the piece that is the foundation of a jewelry line which has since amassed to over 100 styles of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more for Findings.

We love bringing sentiment to our customers in the pieces we use. Many times customers comment that they remember the vintage elements from their grandmother or mother, and when they buy our pieces, it allows them to be stylish and have those memories with them.

Each piece of Findings jewelry is handmade in our New Jersey-based studio and utilizes a wide range of vintage components.

From keys, brooches, coins, pearls, buttons, and chain, everything we create is one-of-a-kind in its own right (prices range from $10 - $58.)

We use some new chains and clasps to ensure the quality of each jewelry item is top notch, but the statement elements are always truly vintage.

Since Findings has been in business, we have traveled the country to retail and wholesale tradeshows, such as AmericasMart in Atlanta and the Country Living Fairs in NY, OH, GA, TN and more.

After ten years of growth, travel, and experience in business, we took a new opportunity to open our first brick-and-mortar store and studio space in Manasquan, New Jersey in September 2017."

~ Joanna Madden, Owner & Designer, Findings (R) and Ali Glass, Designer & Manager (L)

115 Main Street
Manasquan, NJ 08736

🕛 Store Hours*:
Wed - Sat | 10 - 5
*Extended hours coming soon.

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Instagram: @myfunkyfindings

9 Independently-Owned Coffee Shops At The Jersey Shore

Independent coffee shops provide a great way to fuel, refuel, and reset your day. Many also go the extra mile of providing a place to meet up, connect, reconnect, exchange ideas, and work remotely, which helps enhance and strengthen local communities.

The following is an alphabetical list (by town) of independently-owned coffee shops in Monmouth & Ocean counties that are doing just that. From the photos, you'll see that each one has a different vibe, and is unique in its own way. Some also offer small bites, meals, and open-mic nights.

A few have been open for less than a year so I hope that this list helps make people aware of these new businesses. Be sure to check store hours on Google before you head out!

Asbury Park


America's Cup | 633 Cookman Ave, Asbury Park






Asbury Park Roastery | 1300 Ocean Ave, Asbury Park






Cafe Volan | 510 Bangs Ave, Asbury Park








Kofi House (Just Opened!) | 1061, 526 Main St, Avon-By-The-Sea




Bay Head


Coffee at Noon | 524 Lake Avenue, Bay Head

Coffee at Noon is a combination artists' studio with a coffee bar. While you sip your coffee,  you'll be surrounded by beautiful art. Lots to look at!








Green Planet Coffee Company | 78 Main St, Manasquan






Point Pleasant


Divi Tree Coffee | 2615 Bridge Ave, Point Pleasant

Divi Tree is a new business owned by a young couple. The vibe is super friendly, and they offer healthy sandwich options.






Green Planet Coffee Company | 700 Arnold Ave, Point Pleasant Beach






Spring Lake


Driftwood Coffee House | 1102 3rd Ave, Spring Lake





Manasquan's Main Street Gallery Prides Itself In The Art Of Framing & Representing Local Artists


"I started working at Main Street Gallery in 1995, just days after graduating college with a fine art degree. I worked beside previous owner and artist, Lea Colie Wight, for seven years and fell in love with the shop, the customers, the artists, and of course, the art of custom picture framing. After relocating to Vermont for 12 years and custom framing there, I decided I was homesick and moved back to the Jersey Shore. It was around this time that the gallery's owner, Lea, who was looking to retire, proposed that I buy the shop. This June will be my 5th year as the new owner of an almost 40-year-old business! I could not be more grateful!"

Jennifer Burger O'Brien, Owner, Main Street Gallery

☎ 732-223-1268

  • Custom Picture Framing

  • Museum-Quality Art & Frame Conservation

  • Local Art, representing over 20 of the best artists in Monmouth and Ocean Counties

  • Art Classes For Kids

Instagram: @mainstreetgallerynj

Facebook: mainstreetgallerynj



Main Street Kitchen in Manasquan Offers A Variety Of Healthy Options To Their Customers

Main Street Kitchen Manasquan

I dreamt for half my life about opening a local food shop in Manasquan that would provide simple, clean, seasonal foods to the community. I have been blessed to have found the perfect spot in the perfect community. ~Meighan, Owner, Main Street Kitchen

Main Street Kitchen’s philosophy is that exceptional food must be meticulously prepared and creatively presented. We have a fresh, modern take on traditional ingredients, sourcing as much as possible locally.

We serve daily specials, sandwiches, soups, salads, grab & go meals, and kid-friendly options. We even offer cooking classes for kids!

Food options include organic, vegetarian, gluten-free and traditional methods of preparation. Our specials change daily, based on the seasons, market availability, and customer suggestions.

Catering Services: We have over 25 years experience as caterers. Main Street Kitchen is available for off-premise catering. Please call us to inquire about booking your special events with us. We can manage as much as you need-- from food to servers, rentals, tenting, liquor coordination and decor.

Main Street Kitchen

140 Main Street, Manasquan, NJ

☎ 732-223-6246

Instagram: @mainstreetkitchen

Facebook: mainstreetkitchenmanasquan



Multi-Generational Manasquan Bike Shop Keeps Local Families Moving Together

Gary & Tyler Scimeca-- Father, Son & Owners of Manasquan Bike Shop in Manasquan, NJ

Gary & Tyler Scimeca-- Father, Son & Owners of Manasquan Bike Shop in Manasquan, NJ

One of the greatest gifts I received from growing up at the Jersey Shore was the independence and freedom I had as a result of the summers I spent riding my bike to Manasquan Beach via the bike path.

With a Panasonic cassette player playing a mix tape rigged to my bike's handlebars, I'll never forget the rush of freedom I felt as I left my driveway, setting out for a full day at the beach with my friends.

Cycling and bike riding, especially on beach cruisers, is a big part of the lifestyle for all ages here at the Jersey Shore.

So, for my first mini-feature of local small businesses, it’s my pleasure to introduce Gary and Tyler Scimeca (L to R)-- father, son, and owners of @manasquan_bike_shop in Manasquan.

Q: Tyler, what products do you offer and for whom? We offer all types of bicycles from beach cruisers to hybrids for riders of all ages. We also help our customers maintain their bikes. We offer in-store and mobile repair where we’ll do the repairs right in your driveway.

Q: What is your goal in servicing your customers? Our goal is to get the whole family on bicycles so they can go out for a ride together. We also aim to get customers properly fitted on their new bikes while making sure those with bikes have them tuned up properly.

Q: If any, what was the inspiration behind starting your business? The bike shop was started in 1926 by my great-grandfather and that keeps me going every day. We have been operating in Manasquan since 1978, and I am the 4th generation bike mechanic/shop owner.

Q: What’s the most valuable insight you would share with a new entrepreneur or someone who may want to pursue your type of business? Retail is challenging but most importantly, the customer is always right.

Thank you, Gary and Tyler for keeping families moving together and kids active and independent at the Jersey Shore!

Manasquan Bike Shop

128 Main Street, Manasquan, NJ 08736

☎ 732-223-2444

Instagram: @manasquan_bike_shop

Facebook: Manasquan Bicycle Center


16 Reasons Why Working Out In A CrossFit Gym Sets You Up For Success

 16 Reasons Why Working Out In A CrossFit Gym Sets You Up For Success

If getting stronger physically is at the top of your list of areas in your life where you'd like to make progress, I hear ya.

In September when I began to pursue a long-time goal of writing a book, I just knew that the most important thing that I needed to do initially would be to get stronger physically.

Increased physical strength would carry over into all areas of my life, further supporting me as I pursue my goal.

Since I knew that getting back to the CrossFit gym was the most direct route to getting stronger, I reactivated my membership at JSACF in Manasquan. JSACF was founded by Skip and Paige Chapman in 2006, and it's the 180th affiliate CrossFit gym of the more than 13,000 gyms around the world today.

Around the same time, while waiting for my son at the orthodontist, I was drawn to a magazine headline that read something like "Julianne Hough's 6-Day Workout Routine."

I flipped to the story and read how she works out in a gym 4 or 5 times a week, mixes in either an enjoyable bike ride or hike for the other 1-2 days, and takes one day off. She also explained that her ability to stay consistent is attributed to keeping her workouts scheduled, varied and enjoyable.