Why Your Business Needs A Digital Story & 10 Ways To Tell It

Why Your Business Needs A Digital Story & 10 Ways To Tell It

A powerful way to communicate more deeply about your business, stand out, and be recognizable online is by using storytelling as the vehicle to carry your message.

Every type of business has the opportunity to practice and apply business storytelling, but the majority aren't taking advantage of it simply because they aren't aware of it.

They aren't aware because they're busy running their businesses, and business storytelling is a relatively new concept.

Most businesses share what's on the surface with their business and post on social media to remind their followers they exist. This means they're either not telling a story at all or they're telling the wrong one.

But what if businesses used social media as more than a way to merely show they exist? What if they raised the bar and got more intentional with their messaging so they could rise above the noise, connect on a deeper level with their current customers, and potentially drive new customers their way?

In other words, what if businesses gave people a reason to attend to the information they're putting out there? This is totally possible through business storytelling!

"In a world where people have a lot of choices, the story may be the deciding factor." ~ Nick Morgan