Multi-Generational Manasquan Bike Shop Keeps Local Families Moving Together

Gary & Tyler Scimeca-- Father, Son & Owners of Manasquan Bike Shop in Manasquan, NJ

Gary & Tyler Scimeca-- Father, Son & Owners of Manasquan Bike Shop in Manasquan, NJ

One of the greatest gifts I received from growing up at the Jersey Shore was the independence and freedom I had as a result of the summers I spent riding my bike to Manasquan Beach via the bike path.

With a Panasonic cassette player playing a mix tape rigged to my bike's handlebars, I'll never forget the rush of freedom I felt as I left my driveway, setting out for a full day at the beach with my friends.

Cycling and bike riding, especially on beach cruisers, is a big part of the lifestyle for all ages here at the Jersey Shore.

So, for my first mini-feature of local small businesses, it’s my pleasure to introduce Gary and Tyler Scimeca (L to R)-- father, son, and owners of @manasquan_bike_shop in Manasquan.

Q: Tyler, what products do you offer and for whom? We offer all types of bicycles from beach cruisers to hybrids for riders of all ages. We also help our customers maintain their bikes. We offer in-store and mobile repair where we’ll do the repairs right in your driveway.

Q: What is your goal in servicing your customers? Our goal is to get the whole family on bicycles so they can go out for a ride together. We also aim to get customers properly fitted on their new bikes while making sure those with bikes have them tuned up properly.

Q: If any, what was the inspiration behind starting your business? The bike shop was started in 1926 by my great-grandfather and that keeps me going every day. We have been operating in Manasquan since 1978, and I am the 4th generation bike mechanic/shop owner.

Q: What’s the most valuable insight you would share with a new entrepreneur or someone who may want to pursue your type of business? Retail is challenging but most importantly, the customer is always right.

Thank you, Gary and Tyler for keeping families moving together and kids active and independent at the Jersey Shore!

Manasquan Bike Shop

128 Main Street, Manasquan, NJ 08736

☎ 732-223-2444

Instagram: @manasquan_bike_shop

Facebook: Manasquan Bicycle Center