How Donna Sica Found Her Purpose Of Empowering Others To Live Authentically

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Two years ago I was fortunate enough to sit down with Donna Sica, owner and founder of Soulful Awakenings in Lake Como, New Jersey and she shared her story with me.

Before I redesigned my blog, I published her story, but today I want to share it again because it's a clear example of the following points:

  • When we trust and follow life's leads about who we are, we can be guided along an authentic journey.
  • Creatively combining our skills, interests, gifts, and passions may present a business or career opportunity.

Soulful Awakenings, a gathering place with a strong feeling of community, offers a variety of classes and events for the purpose of nourishing the soul.

I first met Donna when I attended her chakra crystal bowl meditation meetups in September 2010 when she first opened Soulful Awakenings.

Soon after, Donna began to host a weekly "circle" meetup called "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life," and I attended the group for 18 months.

Each week Donna brought more awareness to the group about how powerful our thoughts are and how we attract what we think about. Group members could also share what was unfolding in their lives as a result of being more mindful of their thoughts.

Meeting up in-person to learn from Donna as well as share with the group made a lasting impact on my life.

So, without further ado, please enjoy Donna's story about all that led up to her opening Soulful Awakenings:

As I got older I learned to follow life’s leads. I’ve always felt these leads were clues shown to me for the purpose of guiding me.
— Donna Sica

As a young child, I was aware of the feelings of those around me. I could sense their joy, as well as their sadness. I realized early on to live authentically, always walking towards what made me happy– love, community, nature, movement and vibrational sounds.

Over 35 years ago, when I was in my early 20s, my boyfriend at the time, Joseph (who eventually became my first husband), was learning about the Law of Attraction from a couple in upstate New York. I was intrigued and joined him on this new, empowering journey. We would drive two hours to New York, attend a two-hour session, and then make the two-hour drive home, discussing the new insights we had been offered.

Books began to come to me– the writings of Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer and Shakti Gawain, whose foundational teachings are what we share at Soulful.

Twenty four years later, as our children were in their teens, Joseph was diagnosed with cancer, which catapulted us both into a deeper understanding of the Afterlife, strengthening our belief that our Souls are a limitless, never-ending vibrational continuation of self and source.

During this time we pursued many healing modalities, one of which was an energy, healing session called The Reconnection, which helped to ease my husband into transition and myself into a Kundalini Awakening.

During the session, I was given three questions to contemplate: Who am I? What am I? Where am I? These three questions gave me the insight into a deeper sense of self and how the Universe is always answering our vibrational thoughts– guiding us gently, as a mirror reflection of that which we intend.

When we live authentically, we create a reality of purpose, coupled with joy, love and inner peace, which creates a vibrational effect for ourselves, as well as for the planet.
— Donna Sica

Three and a half years after Joseph’s passing, I found myself back in my home state of New Jersey, married to Steven, a boy whom I had dated in high school and now a man who had come into my life at a perfect time and space.

The time was right to further explore my feeling of being called to play the chakra crystal bowls. I soon purchased a set of bowls and made the discovery that I immediately knew how to play them– or rather, it felt as though they were being played through me.

I began to host a gathering through and 20 members came to experience the Singing Bowls. That evening, with my group of listeners, we set an intention to manifest a location for our gatherings.

Things miraculously fell into place rather quickly and within seven months, I opened the doors of Soulful Awakenings in September of 2010.

I am confident that my careful listening and trusting of life's leads guided me to this place.

Our mission at Soulful Awakenings is to encourage our community members to be their authentic selves and to help them be aware that all answers are within and that they are the drivers of their life’s journey. We encourage our students to move from fear to love.

Classes, workshops and events offered at Soulful are designed to strengthen the Body, Mind, and Spirit. We offer a variety of classes and modalities, creating choices for all who walk through our doors.

We want our students to explore, step out of the box into an empowering world of self resources and expansion. We offer affordable prices and our classes are led by a passionate team of facilitators and teachers who come certified with many years of experience.

Some of the classes currently offered at Soulful are my singing Chakra Crystal Bowl Meditations (both Classic & Sacred Alchemy), varying levels of Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi, Change Your Thoughts Classes, Reiki, and Angel Meditations. We also offer a variety of special events where well-known authors and healers speak.

It tickles my heart with joy to be the witness to the many experiences of inner wellness, manifestations and friendships that are created here at Soulful. Those who have walked through our doors have created a strong community that is making a difference daily.

When you ask the universe for guidance, doors open.
— Donna Sica