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How I Started A YouTube Channel & 3 Lessons Learned

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Last week I finally realized a long-standing goal of starting my YouTube channel.

I wanted to start a YouTube channel so that I can create content that comes to life more than a blog post or an Instagram photo.

Videos are also a great way to make a blog post come to life.

They’re also a powerful way to get a message out there, connect with and serve a specific yet global audience, showcase a business (online or brick and mortar,) and direct traffic to a website.

But even considering all of these positive benefits, I delayed getting started for different reasons/excuses.

But last week, the timing seemed perfect to start.

I was feeling increasingly limited by only writing and sharing pictures on my blog and social media. This feeling was making me feel a little stuck when it came to creating new content and posting.

I want my website to be my “hub,” and social media outlets to be the spokes leading into it.

So just as I was feeling all of this, one of my favorite YouTubers released a video that inspired me to get off the fence and yes, be stronger than my excuses.

I gave myself until Friday to get something uploaded, and as much as my first video is a little cringeworthy, I’m so glad I started!

In this post I share …

  • 12 tips to show the process I took to get my first video uploaded and

  • 3 lessons learned as a result

By sharing the process I took and lessons learned, I hope to inspire anyone who’s sitting on the fence about starting whatever it is they want to start.

I’d also like to show how awesome it is to have original video content embedded in a blog post!

Let’s get into it!

12 Tips To Help You Get Your First Video Uploaded

  1. Give yourself a window of time to create your first video. It takes a little practice to get used to staring into the camera lens (and not have your eyes wander) as well as getting the message to flow from your mind so work on it a little each day for a few consecutive days.

  2. Set a deadline to post your first video. Without a deadline, you probably won’t take this too seriously.

  3. Pick a searchable topic and something that you’re passionate and knowledgeable about. I chose to review Steve Perry’s “Traces” album because it’s along the lines of something that inspires me, it’s a current searchable topic, and I noticed there weren’t too many reviews out there. In addition, I knew it was a topic that I could speak from the heart about.

  4. Make an outline of what you’re going to talk about. Don’t craft a word-for-word speech for your video. Just keep an outline handy that you can refer to as you practice. You’ll fill in the blanks as you go.

  5. Watch your energy. This is something that I’m really picking up on. Make sure you’re energy is elevated because it’s easy to pick up on video. Listen to energizing music or whatever works for you just before filming if you have to.

  6. Keep your setting simple. Don’t get too fancy with the location of where you shoot your video. I did attempt going outdoors but I found wind, sun, and sand difficult to deal with. I will work up to this as I go. Oh, and make sure your camera is mounted so it’s not wobbly.

  7. Start practicing speaking into the camera lens. Look directly into the lens and fight the urge to look away!

  8. Be kind to yourself and let go of perfectionism. Once you get started, you’ll realize this looks easier than it is and you may feel a little discouraged but just keep going. You’ll feel yourself improving if you work on it a little every day. But remember, you’re just starting so allow yourself to be a beginner.

  9. Relax and speak like you’re speaking to a friend. Once I did this, it was a game changer.

  10. Craft your video’s title in a way that’s searchable. Remember, YouTube is a search engine so think of how you’d craft your search terms if you were searching for your video.

  11. Edit, if necessary. Personally, I did my video in one take and in order to honor the deadline, I uploaded it “as is.” I know it could’ve been condensed with editing, but the goal was to just start by the deadline. I look forward to showing improvement as I go.

  12. Upload your video & celebrate! I had no idea how to upload a video until I actually did it. It was very easy and if you have trouble, search for a tutorial on YouTube. It does take a few minutes for a video to show up on your channel so before you think it didn’t work and upload it twice (like I did,) wait a few minutes. Now take a moment to celebrate! You’re now a YouTuber! Honestly, it was a little surreal to see my face on YouTube but it felt great to realize this and think of the possibilities for video ideas.

And here’s what I uploaded as my first video to kick off my channel:

3 Lessons Learned

In my second YouTube video created the following week, I share some insights about what I learned from the process to help others who are on the fence take action and not waste time like I did!

Additional Resources

Below are a few awesome YouTube channels that are great resources for newbies on YouTube. Check them out because they have lots of great videos for newbies!

  1. Video Influencers

  2. Roberto Blake

  3. Think Media

  4. Channel Notes

Good luck going for it and getting your channel up and running! Feel free to email me your channel or leave it in the comments below because I’d love to check it out!

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