Real Jersey Shore's 2018 Get Ready For Summer Guide


We've all been there. After being covered up from head to toe since November, the forecast shows summer temps are here to stay, and our arms, legs, and toes get caught off guard when it's finally time to consistently break out the tanks, shorts, and sandals. Then, when we go to try on last Summer's clothes, not everything fits like it did in August. Yikes!

Instead of getting caught off guard on many fronts, think of how ready you would be if you did a little bit every day for the next 6 weeks to get ready for summer?

The next 6 weeks present a great window of opportunity to get ready for bathing-suit and strappy-sandal season.

Added bonus: Working towards looking & feeling great means you'll enjoy every minute of each day more!

In this post, I list many of the ways to get ready for summer, broken down by category. And by clicking on either of the two red buttons, you'll be able to download a helpful 12-page printer-friendly guide, which gives you the tools to put your best toes forward and get things done to look and feel ready!

Here we go!


1 | Firm Up & Energize With Exercise. Exercise is a foundational habit, which means that if this habit is intact, other related habits like healthy eating fall into place as a result. Also, because there are so many positive side effects of exercising that help you go about your day (increased energy, a better mindset, improved mobility,) I consider exercising foundational. Like I've shared in previous posts, the best way to stay consistent is to pre-schedule your workouts on Sunday (and try your best to never miss a Monday because Mondays set the tone for the week.) If you're looking for tips to stay motivated to work out, I wrote a blog post where I share what has worked for me. By applying the ideas I shared in that blog post, I've been able to stay consistent for almost a year now. In the printable download, I included a 6-week calendar where you can pre-plan and log your workouts.

2 | Burn Fat & Feel Better By Eating Clean. The more regularly I exercise, the better I am about staying on track with what I'm eating. Like I shared in my blog post about participating in a 21-day clean eating challenge, I will keep those guidelines in mind. I plan on eating more protein, green veggies, and healthy fats while eating less sugar and carbs. It's really pretty simple. If you want to take a serious approach to eating over the next 6 weeks, consider trying a 21-day clean eating challenge. I've included all of the guidelines for a clean eating challenge in the guide that you can access below. If not, I still included a 6-week calendar in the download where you can at least log your meals, which is a big help in staying aware of what you're eating!

3 | Hydrate By Drinking More Water. There are so many positive benefits to drinking more water-- better digestion and organ function, healthier skin, and weight control. A great habit to try is drinking 1-3 glasses of warmish water first thing in the morning-- even better, add a little lemon juice and a slice or two of fresh ginger. Drinking a glass or two before every meal is a help too!

4 | Start Working On Your Base Tan So You Don't Burn. Personally, I don't enjoy non-stop sunbathing, but I do like to maintain a healthy base tan. A base tan can easily be kept up by going out in the sun for short periods of time. Some people opt to go the tanning salon route, but I find that a few 30-minute layout sessions (15 minutes each side) on those first few warm days can definitely be a big help in establishing a base tan.

5| Get Your Hair In Shape: Consider buying a heavier moisturizer and schedule you salon appointments to get your hair cut or colored for summer. Plan around any big events you have to attend, like weddings or vacations.

6 | Wax on! Schedule any waxing appointments!

7 | Mani-Pedi: Treat yourself to a new color, and pick up one of the latest nail polish colors for Spring/Summer from Essie (Amazon sells most shades) and make a mani-pedi appointment so you feel confident in breaking out the sandals! Check out Essie's latest colors here. Lots of fun options!


8 | Refresh Your Sunscreen: Before the hazy days of summer hit, check the expiration dates on your sunscreens and toss what's expired. I plan on tossing all of what I have because this summer I want to use sunscreens that are natural and chemical-free. Traditional sunscreens are harsh on our bodies and the environment. I've done some research, and here are a few all natural ones that rate well when it comes to how well they feel and work.

9 | Refresh Your Makeup & Summer Scent: Take a look at your makeup and see what needs refreshing. Toss out shades you no longer wear and consider getting a new shade of lipstick, a new cheek highlighter, and/or a fresh mascara. Oh, and how about a lighter summer perfume? Simple changes go a long way!



 10 | Thin Out & Freshen Up Your Wardrobe. First, lighten up by swapping out those heavy Fall/Winter articles of clothing for your lighter Spring/Summer wardrobe.

Also, going through our wardrobe and getting rid of items that no longer "Spark Joy" is therapeutic and cleansing. When we do this, we feel good about what we see in our closets and make room for a few new things that we love. I always feel a little hesitant as I lug bags of old clothes out of the house, but I never end up missing anything that I decide to part with. 

Style: What's In

I cannot claim to be an expert in style and fashion so what I did was do some research for you about what's in for this summer. While many of the ideas that I found are over the top, I found it helpful to get a broad-brush sense of what's in and what's out this summer. Here's what I found:


According to Vogue, 10 color trends for the Spring Summer 2018 are Lilac/Lavender, Rapture Rose, Sky Blue, Light Green, Military Green, Milk White, Chocolate Brown, Yellow and Tomato Red. Marie Claire describes these colors as "Sugared Almond Pastels" and "Crayola;" in other words, pastel & primary colors.


In high-end fashion, this is what's "in" this summer: Checks, Feathers, Fringing, Plastic, Ruffles, Sheer Fabrics, Pastels as well as Bold Primary Color, Swirly prints w/ Splashy Rainbow Colors, Day Glow Disco (Metallic Day Wear)


  • Power Shoulders (Sorry, I refuse to wear shoulder pads again!!), Low-cut necklines, Puff ball sleeves.


  • High Waistlines, Power shorts, suit shorts, wrap front shorts, wrap mini-skirts, Lycra mid-thigh bike shorts (yes, you read that right!)

Outfits for Special Occasions

  • Floral dresses and bold prints are in.


  • Lots of new trends in swimsuits this year. Click here to view. Some of the styles are a little unrealistic for most, but I still found it interesting and helpful to know the styles that I could see myself wearing so I can keep an eye out for them.

Shoes, Sandals & Flip Flops

  • Spring/Summer shoe trends here.

Accessories: Bags, Sunglasses, Hats, Jewelry, Etc.

  • Bum bags (aka Fanny Packs ... no kidding!), XL Tote Bags, Carrying Multiple Bags (one little & one big). Sunglasses trends here.

What's "Out" This Summer

  • Give up plaid, try check.

  • Give up lace-up corset detailing, try wide belts.

  • Give up "millennial pink," try lavender.

  • Give up off-the-shoulder styles, try ruffles.

  • One conflicting view I found is that fanny packs are in, another source said they're out. I'm going with "out."

  • More ideas here.


11 | Beach Gear: Replace any worn out beach umbrellas, chairs, towels, and boogie boards.

12 | Beach Badges & Pool Passes: Seasonal beach badges are on sale now!

13 | Vacations & Getaways: It's still not too late to plan a vacation or getaway! Consider getting something on the calendar to look forward to!

14 | Summer Concerts: Check your local venues and grab those tix!

15 | Family Portraits: When's the last time you scheduled a family portrait? Get it in while everyone has that healthy glow and before another year rolls by!


Wow, just going through writing this post, I realize that a lot goes into looking and feeling ready for summer. But I feel like I have a good sense of what I have to do, and the checklist I created will help me prioritize everything and stay on track with my workouts and clean eating. I'm looking forward to getting started on Sunday!

So, if you'd like to join me in making this summer your best yet, just click on the button and you'll instantly receive my printer-friendly 2018 Get-Ready-For-Summer Guide* with the following items: 

  • Get Ready For Summer Checklist (20+ Items)

  • 6-Week Dated Meal & Workout Logs

  • 21-Day Clean Eating Challenge Meal Guidelines

  • Suggested Clean Eating Shopping List

  • Tips To Set You Up For Success (for the clean eating challenge)

  • Possible Modifications To The Clean Eating Challenge

  • Suggested Meal Ideas & Recipe For My Go-To Protein Shake

*The guide has a total of 12 pages so before printing, I suggest scanning through the pages to see which ones are for you! Good luck, and check in on Instagram to let me know how it's going!