Welcome to the Real Jersey Shore blog-- a life design, blogging, and business resource for creative internet entrepreneurs.

My name is Ellie Rezk, and I am a busy mom of 3 and a Jersey Shore-based blogger, and I know what it's like to have nagging dreams, goals or big ideas for projects that you want to pursue but are challenged to make them a reality, given the demands of everyday life and raising a family.

But like the well-known quote by the American author, Richard Bach goes ...

“We teach best what we most need to learn.”

And since I believe in my ideas and yours, I created this blog where I ...

  • share what's working for me when it comes to making time to pursue my goals and ideas,
  • teach what I'm learning on my journey of building an online business, and
  • inspire you to take action on your personal goals, best ideas or meaningful work.

A Little About How I Got Here

Before being at home full-time to care for my three children, I worked for many years in Sales at a large financial corporation in Boston. 

Although I learned many skills in the financial services industry, since being at home, I've had the opportunity to explore and learn about other skills that I enjoy-- skills like writing, blogging, photography, website building, online business strategy, personal branding, and social media marketing.

Not only would returning to my financial services career not tap into many things I've enjoyed learning and developing since being at home, it would also be difficult to maintain a balance between family and work.

So, here I am. I built this blog to combine and put to work my personal interests, skills, past experience and unique perspective with the goal of building and serving an online community of people who are at a similar crossroads.

Through my blog, I document and share what I'm learning along my journey to encourage you to take action on your personal goals, dreams or best ideas.

You're in the right place if you...

  • Struggle to find the time to pursue your personal goals and best ideas
  • Have a brilliant business or side-project idea that's been tugging at you for some time
  • Want to connect with a like-minded community to help move you forward
  • Would love to serve a community of people who share the same interest or passion that you do
  • Have an important message or personal story that you feel others would benefit from hearing
  • Would love to share how you're succeeding in an area of life where others are struggling

What You Can Expect From Real Jersey Shore

Every Friday I will share personal insights, ideas, and lessons I am learning on my journey on topics related to ...

Life Design

  • Ideas & Encouragement for Staying Motivated, Organized & Productive
  • Lifestyle Tips Related To Well-Being, Strong Living & Achieving Your Goals

Blogging & Business

  • Finding Your Niche & Defining Your Audience
  • Creating A Brand Behind Your Message
  • Growing Your Community With Social Media & Technology By Sharing Your Message & Story
  • Providing Ongoing Value To Your Community
  • Creating & Selling Products to Generate Income
  • And of course, local living and Jersey Shore inspiration as it relates to getting stronger in life and pursuing your best ideas

So, if it sounds like what I do is for you, subscribe in the box below to have my latest articles sent directly to you.

I'm also on Instagram @realnjshore.

Thanks so much for reading. I look forward to learning, growing and succeeding together! ~ Ellie