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Welcome to Real Jersey Shore, is a Jersey Shore-based blog and resource for those who want to live stronger lives and pursue their most ambitious and impactful goals and ideas.

My name is Ellie Rezk, and I am the writer and photographer behind Real Jersey Shore.

I believe we all share similar desires to get stronger and make an impact with our lives, but we also experience the same challenges that hold us back.

Those challenges typically come in the form of some combination of fear, self-doubt, limiting beliefs, lack of focus, clarity & vision, or we simply just don't know how to get started. The list goes on and on ...

I've experienced all of that and more, so I created this site as a place to gather and share what I'm learning as I reach for my goals as well as other information to help my readers on their journeys.

We all have something of value to offer the world, so we must not give up on living stronger lives and working toward our vision so we can make our unique impact.

I've set up my site so it's easy for you to find articles that may interest you, depending on where you are on your journey. While I'm still building out the content for my site, here is how it is set up so far ...

In "Strong Life," you will find articles related to living stronger, covering topics like mindset, fitness and food. I believe that a great first step in working toward ambitious goals is to work on ourselves.

Then, in "Clear Vision," you will find articles about actually working toward your ambitious goal or big idea as well as articles about learning new skills and crafting a clear message.

And in "Meaningful Impact" I'll share stories of how others (locally at the Jersey Shore and beyond) are living their goals and dreams and making an impact.

To learn a little more about me, RJS, and my vision, check out the About RJS page.

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