Welcome to Real Jersey Shore, a modern life and business blog, focused on intentional living and making a meaningful impact.

Hi, I’m Ellie! I am the writer, photographer, and business storytelling consultant behind Real Jersey Shore. I live in my Jersey Shore hometown with my husband, our three teens, and our Silky Terrier, Louie.

I believe we all share the desire to make a unique, meaningful impact in life by pursuing a goal, dream, business, or big idea; however, we often delay taking action for "someday" and experience obstacles that hold us back.

We all know there's no such thing as "someday," and the obstacles that hold us back typically come in the form of some combination of fear, self-doubt, limiting beliefs, lack of focus, clarity, vision, or we simply just don't know how to get started.

I've struggled with all of that and more, so I created Real Jersey Shore as a space to kickstart my best ideas and to share useful information to help other like-minded people, locally and around the globe, pursue their biggest dreams, ideas, and goals.

I've set up the site so it's easy for you to find articles that may be relevant to you. While I'm just beginning to build out the content, here is how it is set up so far ...

In "Intentional Living," you will find articles covering topics related to mindset, fitness and food. Being intentional about staying strong in all areas of life is essential every. single. day. to successfully pursue our most important work.

Then, in "The Work" you will find articles related to rolling up your sleeves in the trenches, working toward your vision, covering topics like learning new skills for the digital agecommunicating a clear message with your brand's story, creating content, productivity tips, useful business tips, and inspiration to keep you successfully moving forward. You will also find my Journal here, where I share insights about what I'm learning as I go.

And in "Meaningful Impact" I feature local small businesses and others, who are making their unique impact in their communities.

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